College in Vienna Austria

Ready To Learn? World's First Sex College Opens In Austria

A Swedish woman named Ylva-Maria Thompson has opened the world’s first sex college in Vienna, Austria.

Of course, the first question that pops in my mind is, what the hell took so long?

Now, maybe I should clarify. The newly opened International Sex School is certainly not the world’s first sex school, or even the world’s first sex academy. And God knows anyone who has ever made love to someone more than 5 years their senior has had what you might call a sex tutor. But the International Sex School probably is the world’s first sex college in which students live in “on campus.”

That’s right. When you enroll at the international Sex College in Vienna and fork over your $2200 tuition fee, you get to move into the school’s dormitory. Why? So you can do your sex homework with your classmates, obviously.

As Thompson explains, this is a “college of applied sexuality.” The core curriculum “is not theoretical, but very practical. The emphasis is on how to be a better lover.”

So yes, if you go to the International Sex School, you will be having lots of sex with your fellow students. It's different from regular college because, here, this activity gets you course credit.

Still, when you think about that for a minute, it seems like this whole “school” concept may just be a creative way to get around prostitution laws. “No officer, this isn’t a brothel. It’s a college. Those people didn’t pay money to get busy. They’re learning!”

I am a freelance writer specializing in sports, humor, politics, technology, and, from time to time, pop culture. Also, Esteban is not my real name, but I wish was.
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It was serendipitous

by causeimthesquid

I was never into politics. I was pretty apolitical for pretty much my entire college career. I was, and still am, an ardent environmentalist. I was more concerned about science and real "truths" in the world.
Once we really started to see the signs of the recession in summer of 2008, I became interested. I just landed my first job and saw all of my college friends in rough shape looking for work to pay back their loans. Got curious, and the economic bug struck me. Then I found Austrian Economics, which seems much more accurate model of the real world than anything the talking heads present on television to the MSM

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