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Top Music Education in Vienna for High School Students

Logo of AMADEUS Music Academy, ViennaAMADEUS Music Academy, Vienna:
AMADEUS Music Academy is part of the AMADEUS International Day & Boarding School in Vienna, Austria, and specializes in classical music education and professional training at the highest international level for K-12 students who are highly talented and gifted young musicians, as well as academic students with an interest in classical music training as part of their education. The AMADEUS Music Academy is mandatory for all students. Situated in a secure, enclosed environment with a modern, purpose-built boarding facility in the north-west of Vienna, we warmly welcome students from around the world regardless of gender, race, religion, or physical ability. Day boarding and Full boarding are available from Grade 6; weekly boarding is possible upon request.

Quality Classical Music Education:

Photo of Top Music Education in Vienna for High School StudentsStudied alongside our International Baccalaureate / High School curriculum, our Music Academy programme is based on vocal and instrumental training with some of the most prestigious teachers in Vienna. We also provide master classes in voice, instrumental music and ballet taught throughout the year by an esteemed faculty.

Primary School & Middle/High School Programmes:
For the school year 2013/14, we will accept admissions for Elementary/Primary School (Volksschule) and Middle School / High School Grades 5 to 10, with a boarding option for students from Grade 6. By 2015, we will offer all K-12 grades.

Image of Top Music Education in Vienna for High School StudentsAdvantages of AMADEUS Music Academy:

- Practical Focus
Not only do our students learn music theory and various performance practices, they also engage in practical lessons with their respective instruments on a daily basis. This central and vital element is supplemented with a rigorous focus on nurturing the skills of ensemble playing both in chamber music and orchestra.

- Esteemed Faculty
Our music faculty includes some of the most prestigous teachers in Vienna, including members of the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra and The Vienna Boys Choir.

Combining Music with Academics:

Intensive music training program streamlined with the school's curriculum.

- Primary School students receive one class per week (45min) of individual music or ballet training, which is included in their daily school schedule.

- Middle & Secondary School students receive intensive music training after class daily taught by world -class musicians. Each student has his or her individualized training programme determined by the Director of AMADEUS Music Academy based on his or her ability.

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