School system in Austria

Johannes Lindner | Ashoka

In addition, he has introduced a series of practical school projects to link classroom learning with the outside world.

In a later stage of the curriculum, students are encouraged to set up and run their own initiatives. Many students continue with these initiatives on a full time basis after graduation. In order to keep the program fresh and exciting for both students and teachers, Johannes' teaching methods urge students to come up with innovative ideas, green solutions, and new business models in the field of social entrepreneurship. His nation wide idea contests and competitions, for example, attract 2, 500 students every year, including students from Bulgaria and other countries in central and eastern Europe. He has created links to business mentors and works with companies to coach entrants. In the process, Johannes engages adults in the education of their communities’ young people through teacher training.

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It was interesting when i was a post-doc

by FriendofFargo

At Harvard seeing the post-docs from europe with kids trying to make sense of our educational system - where two high schools five blocks apart can provide an entirely different standard of education given the different school district
as my austrian buddy howls about - All schools in Austria are about identical - same books, same quality of teacher same standards etc etc
as with no national health care, the europeans consider it scandalous that public school in Scarsdale is First rate for rich kids but in the Bronx it is hideous for poor kids

I think that it would be fine in some instances

by harrod

To do that, just most definately not in the case of violent or sexual austria they will clear your record of murder or aggrivated rape or child molestation, that is not right, because people like that are a danger to society and with no record of it after seven years they are even free to adopt children or work in the school systems.
for non violent crimes I don't think it's as difficut as you think, I do live in the US and know people who have records...and have jobs...
I'm not saying our system is perfect, I'm sure it's far from it, however I havn't seen one that's better either

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