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“I arrived in Graz with the pamphlets my university had given me, all about how I had made a great choice by being an Erasmus student. One that really caught my eye was the pictures of Graz, frankly nothing like what I had expected, and heralding the fact that this city was the cultural capital in 2004.” - Chris N.

Transport & Travel

“You can buy tickets for the buses and trams in tabaks or on the bus/tram itself. Once you buy a ticket it is valid on both, so you can hop on and off as much as you like. There are various durations of tickets available; hourly, daily, weekly, monthly and possibly yearly. You simply get the ticket and stamp it (only once) using the time-stamp machines on the tram or bus. The bus/tram numbers are shown on most of the maps. Trams are numbered 1-7.

The main train station in Graz is Hauptbahnhof. This is located on Eggenburgergurtel, which is the other side of the river to Hauptplatz, at the end of Annenstrasse. From Hauptbahnhof you can get pretty much anywhere in the vicinity. The prices of trains are cheaper than in England, and it is worthwhile signing up for a Vorteilskarte, which is the equivalent of the Young Persons Rail Card.

Then there is Graz airport. Not much to say here as it is tiny. However, it is very modern and rarely busy. Those of you flying from London Stansted to Graz will get to know the airport very well! There is a bus service from the airport calling at Hauptbahnhof, Jakominiplatz and Griesgasse amongst other places which costs the price of an hourly bus/tram ticket. If you are travelling to the airport and have an existing bus/tram ticket, you can use the bus for free. The other options from the airport are a taxi or a train from the airport to Hauptbahnhof.” – Richard M.

“My first impression of Graz was the efficiency of the transport system. On arriving at the Airport, I took a bus directly into the city centre. Travel within the city itself is not only incredibly easy, but also extremely cheap.

A few responses

by elkgroveatty

1 - He must be checking out Sacramento for a reason, even if his kid is in SD. There are plenty of law schools between SD and Sac. So, Sac must have some appeal.
2 - If you read my prior post, McGeorge has a well respected international law program, including a summer in Austria with a Supreme Court Justice. My further point was that there is a lot of international law, including lobbyingm going on in Sac.
3 - Again, depending on what his plans are, local rep may be important.

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