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Inclusion TV Austria - 2013

There isn’t much information about Inclusion TV on this website.
So now we will give you some information.

The best part of most conferences and courses is the opportunity to network, share knowledge and celebrate achievements. This usually happens on the sidelines. This time we are putting it quite literally centre stage. The stage is a live TV studio environment where everyone gets the chance to be behind and in front of the cameras.

The Date

The project starts on 5th September and ends 14th September 2013

The Place

The project takes place in the “Seehof” and the “Jugendfreundehaus”, Innsbruck, Austria. It is an amazing venue with good food, a comfortable environment for creative discussions and learning.



The People

45 professionals and young people from Germany and Austria come together. Everyone has ideas and experience to share about inclusion and how to advance this through their international projects.

The Team

The TV studio will be run by young people from a variety of backgrounds from Germany and Austria, the training is delivered by a team from Momentum World. and organised by AK-Tirol the National Youth In Action agencies for Austria and Germany.

The Approach

This event is all about inclusion in practise. You will hear and see inspiring examples of inclusive projects around the UK and Europe. But this event will offer firsthand experience of an inclusive project where everyone has a role and is valued for what they can do.

So we, the participants, work in a self built TV studio, we broadcast live news, record and edit films and post this on the blog for you.


by freeedan1

Go the Salzburg Austria, they have an incredible Sound of Music Tour there, the birth place of Mozart, ande just a short drive North and you're in the Barvarian region of Germany. Stop just over the border and go up to the Eagles Nest (Berchasgarten) Take the bus up from there to the top. Go into the cave and take the elevator up the rest of the way. I know this sounds weird but trust me.
At the top, walk outsidee. You're about to see what God sees from Heaven. Walk to the very end, look straight out and you'll see the Swiss Alps, look just to your left and you'll see Salzburg and the Austian Alps, more to the left, and you'll see Konigsee, (The Kings Sea) and the German Alps

Living on the net and your phone?

by 56andfixed

Online game about collecting and selling personal data

A small team from Austria has developed the new online game Data Dealer, which aims to raise awareness of personal data and online privacy issues in a completely new, ironic and fun way.
At first glance the game looks similar to popular Facebook hits like Mafia Wars or Farmville. But in Data Dealer players face a very different challenge: their goal is to collect personal information about millions of people - and then ruthlessly sell it to clients of all kinds

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