Austrian Universities that Teach in English

Teach English in Vienna

Teach in beautiful Austria!Beautiful Baroque and Romanesque buildings, the epicenter of classical music and hundreds of art museums - it's no wonder Vienna is at the top of the list when it comes to choosing where to teach English. Home to Sigmund Freud, Mozart, and Pez candy, Vienna hosts a variety of engaging activities and fun sites. It is the largest city in Austria, so there is a plethora of cafes, museums, parks and gardens. Vienna is one of the few cities that still has a Ball Season, which can last up to three months. You can visit the world's oldest zoo, ride the ferris wheel at Wiener Prater Public Park, or stroll along the Danube River while enjoying one of the sausages that Vienna is famous for.Horse-drawn carriage in Vienna Sound heavenly? Well there is a high demand for teachers, so make the move!

  • Peak Hiring Times: September - October and Early January
  • Average Monthly Salary: 00-3200 USD
  • Average Cost of Living: 00-3200 USD
  • Save or Break Even? Live frugally or expect to break even.
  • Work Visa: All non-EU citizens must apply for a work visa upon 90 days after arrival.

It's no surprise that a city that offers as much variety in sights and entertainment would also offer many different places to teach. If you are good with little ones, then you may consider teaching Kindergarten classes. Vienna's primary schools and universities also look for English teachers. Although most public schools are taught in German, there are many private, international and public bilingual schools in the city. English is the current language for international business, so the opprotunity to teach Business English is high. For some extra money, you can do private tutoring or work at language camps during the summer. If all else fails, there is a demand for English-speaking babysitters and nannies.

Teach in beautiful Austria!

When and Where to Look for Jobs:

Most places like to interview in person. Although Skype is a great tool, prepare to possibly take a trip. Make sure to have a CV (curriculum vitae); this is different than a resume and often requires a picture of yourself.

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Good article on why Austrians are so fucked up

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"There is also the country's apparent problem with institutional racism. There is concern over a number of deaths and injuries in police custody of foreign nationals. (There have been no convictions; Amnesty International has made a formal complaint.)
There is a petit bourgeous formality in Austria, a hangover from imperial times, an assumption that a respectable member of the community - a lawyer or engineer, for example - could never be the author of a serious crime

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